Every day, more than 300 people in Sweden are subjected to sexual abuse. Very few of them are reported. Even fewer lead to a proper investigation. And even fewer still to prosecution. Amnesty produced a report to highlight that problem – and we helped them campaign to put pressure on the police to prioritize these investigations.  Inspired by Facebook’s” Marked Safe” feature, we asked people to show the situation as the catastrophe it is.

In addition to the release of Amnesty’s report “Time for change” we created a digital activity, where you could push the Swedish chief of police to prioritize sexual abuse investigations, and at the same time telling our narrative by marking yourself as safe. 

20 000 signed the demand for better police investigations.  

The Swedish police listened! After an official meeting with the police commissioner, extra founding for sexual assault investigations was announced. This was good news, but we needed to see change today. To speed things up we sent a reminder to the commissioner in the form of another wave of the ”Marked Safe”-campaign. We tied this phase to the outdoor music festivals taking place in Sweden during the summer months. In addition, our campaign film premiered during the outdoor Stockholm Film Festival.