Creating headwind for the world’s biggest bullies

How could Amnesty International talk about human rights in a way that engaged a young, global audience in its work? And raise funds in the process? By combining Humor and Now.

Swish is a widely used Swedish mobile payments app that allows you to quickly send money to friends, companies – and organisations you support – using your phone. But Swish is also an onomatopoeic word that imitates the sound of the wind. By putting these two meanings together, we created SWIIIISSH.

By placing these ads throughout Stockholm’s subway system, we created headwind for some of the world’s biggest and most recognized bullies – as well as allowing supporters to do the same by donating to support Amnesty’s work.

Not only did the campaign have huge cut-through with the target audience – it had with jury’s too! We won the Outdoor category in Guldägget, Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious communications award.

In giving the award, the jury said: “So much outdoor advertising swishes past us every day, totally unnoticed. But all that’s actually needed to grab our attention is two well-known heads of hair, and a genius idea. This campaign is so simple, and SO on the mark. Amnesty puts itself right in the eye of the storm when they dare to take on these infamous kings from the East and the West. Hats off for this wind of change.”

Amnesty International liked the campaign so much, they wanted to take it to the subway of Washington D.C. That made us very happy. Others… not so much.

So Amnesty took the campaign for a ride instead.

SWIIIISSH shows the power a simple, well-executed creative idea to make a difference. The campaign’s cut-through has brought new attention to Amnesty International decades-long fight for human rights, and inspired a new generation of donors to connect with their work.

Our deliverables

  • Concept development
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic design for outdoor, print and social media
  • Copy (Swedish, English)