Bröstcancer Förbundet – Ospridd Sanning

Bröstcancerförbundet, or the Breast Cancer Association, is Sweden’s only interest organisation that focuses exclusively on breast cancer – and which supports both research and its members. Their vision is that nobody should suffer from breast cancer, their main focus areas are funding research, spreading knowledge about prevention and driving advocacy about breast cancer matters.

Nine out of ten women today survive their breast cancer. It is not common knowledge that this particular type of breast cancer behaves a lot differently than the more common form of breast cancer. This means that the needs of the women affected by metastatic breast cancer are a lot different and have a need for more urgency than the other form. Swedish regulations do not take into account these different forms of breast cancer and there is a need for a change!

Bröstcancerförbundet approached us because they wanted to spread awareness about Metastatic Breast Cancer (Spridd bröstcancer) among decision-makers.

We defined 3 different areas of impact that needed to be changed, and so we split up the campaign into 3 themes.

The right to psychological and social support.

Faster introductions and implementations of new medications.

The right to rehabilitation.

Together, our activists have provided local politicians in 83 of Sweden’s municipalities with information on how they can make life better for women with metastatic breast cancer and their relatives through good psychosocial support.