Election Campaigns

Reform Act has extensive knowledge and experience from working with political parties in Western Europe. We’ve worked with Arbeiderpartiet in Norway, The Left Alliance in Finland, The Social Democratic Workers Party in Sweden, The Green Left in the Netherlands, The Greens in Germany, Sadiq Khan’s primary campaign in London and with the European Greens in Brussels (EU-wide). Our campaign director has been awarded the most prestigious awards in the industry: the American Association of Political Consultants 40 under 40 award and Campaign & Elections Rising Star award. We also have consultants that have helped build some of the most successful online campaigning organisations out there: Avaaz and SumofUs.
We offer technology, strategy and tactics for political parties and political campaigns. Based on practical experience and research from field experiments, we advise political parties on how they can get more out of their member supporters by getting them to volunteer, share the message to their friends or donate to the campaigns.
Here are some highlights of campaigns that we are especially proud of:

Sadiq Khan for London

Reform Act was responsible for designing and developing the campaign website and implementing the strategy for Sadiq Khan’s primary campaign that paved the way for Mr. Khan becoming the Mayor of London. The website was built on Nation Builder and the strategy was to bring in as many new members as possible as well as persuading existing members to vote for Mr. Khan in the primary.

The Green Left in the Netherlands

The Green Left is a small progressive Green Party. Or rather, they used to be. In the 2016 elections the Green Left quadrupled their votes and are now the biggest progressive opposition party in the Netherlands. Our work for the Green Left included: advising on digital & grassroots strategy, setting up an eCRM-system to manage volunteers and bring in new supporters and donors (led to fivefold increase in donations). We trained the team on digital campaigning and helped with the technical setup (petition pages, forms, donation pages) and built a tech tool that local grassroots organisers could use to find, call, email and segment people who had signed up to volunteer online – bridging the gap between online to offline and bringing in more than 10 000 new volunteers for canvassing efforts.

The Social Democratic Workers Party in Sweden (SDP)

We’ve worked on three elections for the SDP, the church election in 2013 that was their most successful election in the church for 20 years, the 2014 EU elections and the 2014 general elections (municipality, county and parliament). We helped the SDP for the first time recruit and organise their own in house agency to reduce agency dependency and produce content faster. We also introduced for the first time in a Swedish election campaign an advanced eCRM to bring volunteers from online to offline. In the end we recruited around 11 000 volunteers – and 70 % of those was followed-up and put to work by the local organisation. The in house effort continues to this day and is now run by SDP themselves without our involvement.

The European Greens. Our most recent campaign. We’d love to tell you more about this but we can’t. Launching later in 2019…

Stay tuned!

What can we help you with?


We offer political parties help with getting the most out of their supporters. This is both a strategic, technical and tactical question:

  • Setting up eCRM-systems to manage supporters or volunteers.
  • Lead generation – finding new supporters online.
  • Fundraising – both regular, one off, during or outside of election cycles. Strategy and execution.
  • Data & analytics – helping you to understand and get the most out of your data.
  • Volunteer management – tech tools and processess to manage volunteers, including the most advanced P2P texting software on the market.
  • Campaign websites & landing pages, petitions, donation pages, volunteer registration pages, etcetera.
  • Building strategic supporter journeys to work with the ladder of engagement (I e turn your Facebook audience into donors and volunteers)

The tech side of things

We have extensive experience in working with a range of eCRM-systems. We are a certified Nation Builder agency and Active Campaign experts. We are proud partners of Action Network and have also had a long partnership with Blue State Digital and their toolset.

Interested in working with us? Or maybe you just want to hear more?

Paul will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have!

Mail: paul.ferris@reformact.se