Together, creating the world’s most bee-friendly country.

How could the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC, or Naturskyddsföreningen in Swedish) engage the public on the complex but critical issue of biological diversity – and persuade supporters to fund their campaign to protect it?


Together with SSNC, our answer: Build a big, people-powered campaign to save the bees!

We knew from SSNC’s social media work that the global decline of bee populations was something that their audience understood – and cared deeply about. By focusing the campaign on the bees – and their crucial role as pollinators in our food system – we could quickly make the issue of biodiversity something engaging, relatable, and urgent.

Together, we can create the world’s most bee-friendly country.

That quickly became the unifying rallying-cry of the campaign, with SSNC asking existing and new supporters to engage in multiple ways in the fight – as supporters themselves looked to do whatever they could to be a part of the change. A heavy fundraising focus across direct mail, print, outdoor and digital saw crucial funds raised to support SSNC’s work.

The campaign was a huge success. Millions were reached by the campaign through traditional media, with almost 600 press hits, three features on Sweden’s largest morning TV show throughout the campaign, and an interview by Magnus Carlsson on Swedish Radio’s most well-known program, “Sommar i P1”. Millions more saw the campaign on social media.

And thousands ultimately chipped in to support the campaign  – exceeding the goal for number of donors by 300%.

The campaign’s run-away hit was a push for supporters to build “wild bee hotels” – simple, wooden constructions that can provide vital housing for bee populations facing habitat loss. Almost 7,000 people not only fixed a bee hotel on in their garden – but visited to register their hotel on a giant, bee-friendly map.

With SSNC producing tailored communication to this audience of thousands of leads – keeping them engaged in the campaign – a huge number of them ultimately took the step to become members of SSNC after the campaign finished.

And with such strong public engagement, Sweden continues to lead the fight for the bees and protection of our biodiversity – with SSNC and its members as a crucial voice in that fight.

Our deliverables

Audience research and strategy
Concept development
Visual identity and tonality
Graphic design and animation
Fundraising copy (direct mail and digital)
Digital strategy and supporter journeys