Recruiting Seniors Into Collective Digital Activism

PRO (the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organisation) is one of the biggest senior citizen’s organisations in Sweden. With over 330.000 members they strive to improve conditions for all senior citizens. We were approached to assist in putting a raised general pension on the political agenda whilst also activating their members during the Swedish election year of 2018.


The root of the issue was that PRO was perceived as quite passive in respect to their political engagement. There were frustrations among their members that perceived that PRO didn’t do enough to improve their current economic situation.

One of the challenges was a limited media budget, we tackled this by creating a campaign that could be powered by the senior citizens themselves. Thus the concept Medges ej was developed. The concept utilised the feeling of utter frustration which arises when one’s card gets declined due to insufficient funds. We transformed these feelings of frustration into actionable operations towards politicians

We created a site which not only served as a platform for senior citizens to sign a petition for higher pensions, but where they could also share their personal experiences on how their current economic situation affected their lives. The petition became the engine of the campaign with a conversion rate of 41 %, it gathered over 75.000 signatures. The graphical elements of the site followed that of a declined receipt.

With the election day closing in, we added print ads to the campaign.  The ads, using a bittersweet sense of humor, highlighted the harsh reality of senior citizens.

PRO has over 1350 local organisations in Sweden, in order to get them to join the campaign in a unanimous voice, we sent out a campaign tool kit thus helping them to reach out to local politicians. At the end of the campaign, over 700 local forums with politicians took place and thousands of senior activists helped spread the petition.

During the peak of the election campaigning, the signatures were handed over to the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven on a 400 meter long receipt, which resulted in heavy media coverage.



Over 75.000 signatures collected

A reach over 800.000 with a media spend of 63.000 kr

Over 39.000 digital senior activists recruited

But a more important effect of the campaign was:


April 13th we launched the campaign

May 1st The Swedish Social Democrats announces their proposal of a higher general pension and lower taxes for seniors

June 9th The Moderate Party announces that they will run on a removed senior tax

July 5th The Swedish Social Democrats raises their proposal further with an even higher general pension

A valuable insight is to not underestimate digital capabilities of senior citizens, they might not be well represented on social media, but the ones who use social media are way more active than the rest of the population.  

Our deliverables

Campaign strategy

Creative concept, campaign name  & graphic design

Site development

Content development