Save the Children – Fearless

In a time when the refugee crisis went from public outrage to fear, and Swedish politicians went from defending openness to a European minimum on live TV – how could Save the Children take up the fight for children on the run, and build a powerful community of new donors?

From fearful & tearful – to 80 000 fearless & proud!

Fearless saluted those who continued to stand up and take action for children’s and refugee rights. Our concept and creatives reached over 4 million on social media, and our digital lead generation work engaged more than 80,000 new people in the campaign – all strongly aligned with Save the Children’s work. And ultimately, a new donor recruitment model that was 2-10 times cheaper than Face to Face and the most profitable Christmas campaign in the history of Save the Children Sweden.

Fearless was many things – a campaign to recruit regular donors, an advocacy campaign targeting Swedish policymakers, and a way to test new models of donor recruitment and implement innovative new technology.

Our research for the campaign showed a huge shift in public opinion in Sweden, away from an open attitude towards refugees toward a much more negative attitude. But we we also saw that this shift was not reflected among the people that were closest to Save the Children – their potential activists and donors.

Our campaign spoke to these people. We wanted them to understand that they were not alone, and instead to feel empowered as part of a movement. By showing them that we still cared – and that we could change things together – we were able to develop powerful relationships with this new audience.

And it was allowed to take time – Fearless ran for a full year.

To build political pressure and community – while also building a strong base of leads – we launched petitions targeting Swedish policymakers.

Thousands also participated in a photo wall pledg and literally became the face of the campaign that we took to the streets.


A rapid-response film during the Swedish political week “Almedalen” reminded the Prime Minister of his own words – using his own words. Children from refugee families held a speech, originally held by the Prime Minister only months earlier, defending openness and solidarity. It quickly became Save The Children Sweden’s most shared video ever.


We then developed a heavily-tested donor journey by dividing the leads into multiple funnels – segmenting the leads by contact type and frequency across email, targeted online advertising and telemarketing. This allowed us to carefully pinpoint the most effective journeys for donor conversion – ultimately identifying a funnel that produced new regular donors at a fraction of the cost of Face to Face recruitment, with conversion rates as high as 30%.

Last but not least, with this large base of new and engaged supporters, 2016 saw the most profitable Christmas campaign in the history of Save the Children Sweden – also in collaboration with Reform Act.

Our deliverables

  • Audience research and strategy
  • Concept development
  • Visual identity and tonality
  • Film production (full production and rapid-response)
  • Website production
  • Digital strategy and activation (email, Facebook, etc.)