Höstlövet – For every child’s right to nature

The Swedish Tourist Association (or STF) is a unique 238,000-strong membership organisation dedicated to helping people discover all that Sweden has to offer.

In recent years, STF’s communication has shifted away from a focus on its membership discount at roughly 300 properties around Sweden, and towards a focus on its mission-driven, non-profit work. In this context, STF turned to Reform Act with a challenge – how could the organisation continue to develop this profile, and use it to recruit a base of new, loyal members?

Our answer: Höstlövet. A membership initiative to support every child’s right to nature.

Höstlövet literally means “Fall Leaf” in Swedish, and acts as a play on words with “Höstlovet”, or the week of Fall Leave that school children in Sweden enjoy every autumn.

Our research, packaged in a groundbreaking report “Naturklyftan” (developed by our sister agency Reformklubben), showed that an increasing number of children in Sweden were growing up without any access to the wonders of nature. For STF and its members – dedicated to making Sweden’s unique natural and cultural environments accessible for all – this was unacceptable.

Höstlövet is an initiative that makes it possible for families without the economic means to easily enjoy Swedish nature, to do just that – by enjoying an autumn holiday close to nature somewhere in Sweden.

For the month of September, all membership fees from new members who joined via STF’s website went to support families to take an autumn holiday at one of STF’s beautiful properties in Sweden – families and children who would have otherwise missed out.

Supporting this initiative proved to be a powerful motivator. In September 2017, new member recruitment increased by 150% compared to the previous year. Existing members looking for a way to engage donated in large numbers to the campaign via Swish (a Swedish mobile payments app) and volunteered to help.

The campaign received extensive media coverage, with the campaign report even quoted by the Swedish Minister for the Environment, and contributed strongly to STF’s journey towards an organisation clearly recognised for its mission-driven, non-profit organisation (as well as great, affordable accomodation).

Since then, Höstlövet has become an annual activity for STF – and in this and other initiatives, the new approach to communication has seen STF’s total membership increase for the first time in over 25 years.

But most important of all, Höstlövet enabled families got to go on a well deserved holiday, and enjoy the wonderful nature that Sweden has to offer.

Our deliverables

  • Audience research and strategy
  • Concept development
  • Visual identity and tonality
  • Report research and production
  • Film, animated social video and graphical production
  • Website production
  • Digital strategy and activation (email, Facebook, etc.)

See Höstlövet and read the “Naturklyftan” report here.